Composition graphique

Gunta Stölzl’s Diary Entry, 1919-1920:

« …His [Itten's] first words were about rhythm. One must first educate one’’s hand, first make the fingers supple. We do finger exercises just like a pianist does. In these beginnings we already sense through what it is that rhythm occurs; an endless circular movement begun with the fingertips, the movement floods through the wrist, elbow and shoulder to the heart; one must feel this with every mark, every line; no more drawing that is not experienced, no half-understood rhythm. Drawing is not the reproduction of what is seen, but making whatever one senses through external stimulus (naturally internal, too) flow through one’’s entire body; then it re-emerges as something entirely personal, as some kind of artistic creation, more simple, as pulsating life… »


Établir les lacunes des élèves afin d’adapter le programme.

  • tensions
  • volume, modelé et textures
  • espaces négatifs
  • rythme de composition


Introduction au design graphique – Rob Roy Kelly

Exercices pour carnets de croquis

Ressources pour la composition

Ellen Lupton – Thinking with Type

Thibault Balahy – son blog, et la rubrique « l’apprentissage du dessin »